Cyprian Alexzander: Transgalactic Indie Rocker

Cyprian Alexzander resides in Iowa, the crossroads of the galaxy, where he explores the amalgamation of different music and genres. You can blame this on his formative years when he listened to the local freeform public radio station late into the night while drifting off into his dream world. Somewhere between the angst of Lou Reed, the aural sheen of Sonic Youth, the primitive drive of the Mississippi Hill Country and the cosmic journeys of Krautrock, he creates his voice. Though beyond genre, he accepts when others call his music Indie Rock.

Cyprian’s new digital EP release New Hearing Time, available on Bandcamp, explores his love of crunchy guitar, ambient music and free-form improvisation. The EP came about when he decided to explore the possibilities of new sounds for Worship music. After sharing demo tracks with friends, he was encouraged by their feedback to release the EP and hopes to have an album of new music completed in the upcoming year of 2016.

Finding a voice can be difficult for a multi-instrumentalist with ears open to new music. Cyprian’s current project originated with the desire to blend his influences and write song form based music. He places importance in community and is building relationships with songwriting collaborators. In the past year, he has been a featured guest musician with the Dave Paris Group.

As New Hearing Time propagates on the sonic airwaves, Cyprian is dedicating this next year to the exploration and realization of a new album. He hopes to grow his own musical world as well as the world of the listener.

He's currently working on writing new music and exploring the places in-between.