A Website

A Website


As I work on the building up www.cyprianalexzander.com, I realize that it is a lot of work. Normally, I would develop it locally and then launch it on the world. This time, I’m working on it in real time. The website does bring together a lot of information already out there with helpful widgets. I’m not sure I would have a website, but there’s still pressure to have one all in the attempt to reach as many people as possible.

There will be some transitions. Currently Reverbnation syncs to Facebook, but I find that I don’t need two copies of everything I do or, worse, multi-copies of one update. The good news, I think I do away with the Reverbnation sync and still share from the site. The goal is to have new information come from this blog and disseminate out to all the world and social media.

If anyone would like to know my thoughts and methods, I would be glad to share. I’ve put a lot of thought into building an internet presence.

Rock On!