Eric Burdon & War on Beat Club

Eric Burdon & War on Beat Club


While in high school, my dad bought me a bunch of fire salvage sale records. One of those records was Platinum Jazz by War. The band’s first exposure came backing Eric Burdon. The Beat Club video shows the full performances, un-edited. You get to experience the energy of the perfect jam, the ultimate groove and soul. This set really moves me.

And, through War, I discovered harmonica player Lee Oskar (I play Lee Oskar harmonicas). He was my first exposure to harmonica playing that wasn’t pure Blues style. A lot of the time, he plays with the saxophone and makes up the horn section. He showed me another role for the harmonica.

Here’s a bonus video where you can really hear Lee Oskar play especially during the Train Train section of the medley.

So watch and listen. I hope you enjoy the experience.