Well It’s Another New Year, 2017 Be Kind to Us

Well It’s Another New Year, 2017 Be Kind to Us


I should start with the customary greeting for today, Happy New Year 2017! 2016 has been a year of change for me as I work towards my goals. I wanted to release an album or an EP, but, to get what I have been hearing in my head out, I needed to work on my singing skills. So I’ve been doing a lot of woodshedding building up my voice. I can tell that I’ve been making progress and hope to be ready to start recording Summer 2017 (after graduation, I’ll have a Masters degree).

Another change I made was the conscious choice to move away from web design. I have a few customers that I’ll keep and a few projects to finish up, but I have decided to focus most of my energy on music creation. That, and web design has become a constantly, ever evolving, moving target which started to seem absurd. I would need to dedicate my mental powers just to keeping up with technologies that seemed to change every day. I’d work on a project, come back in six months to make updates, and find that I had to learn a new skill to make some basic changes. Keeping on top of this wave of unending innovation became too much especially because I want to focus my mind on music. So this year, not only will I be working on songwriting, but I will be working on trying to get out and playing. I see this happening in Fall 2017; I need to get some other stuff together.

It’s been 8 months since I last got to play worship music at the Wind and Fire Prayer Center. They’ve had they’re ups and downs and seem a long way from having 24-hour worship sets for a long while. Maybe I’ve moved on from worship music or am at a lull. I just haven’t felt the voice for it lately.

I’m excited about the opportunities that 2017 presents. The Songwriter’s Fellowship is in a transitional phase. In this New Year, I have an idea for where to go, and I hope to get support from other members. If you’re interested in songwriting, join me on my journey of crafting a better song.

In 2017, I hope to reconnect with some of my musical friends. Going to graduate school ate a lot of my time. I’ll be glad to be done and able to move into the next phase of life. I hope to do it with my friends.

Here’s to my friends and family. I am grateful for the contributions you make to my life. I am grateful for your ears. I am grateful that you are here, alive and well.

Happy New Year 2017


(Below is a favorite song. Bowie covered it, Baldry wrote it.)